About Us
About jjimpera
JJ impera’s is one of the Suriname’s driven Fashion shop. We want to give you the privilege to buy the latest but also very exclusive outfits that are nowhere to be found in local Surinamese fashion shops. With a brand portfolio including lia botelli and veneto libre, Our shop has developed quickly over the last 2 years as we’re persistently taking a stab at uniqueness, sourcing one of a kind pieces  from the world’s most notable brands from brazil for you. The cool, open, and luxurious insides of the stores enable each cautiously chosen outfit to have its own personality, mirroring our reasoning in the significance of authenticity. With the most recent outfits readily available, it has never been less demanding to consummate your style. Be authentic. Shop at JJ impera.
history of our store
It all started as a very young girl in love with fashion. Even at a young age I loved to purchase clothes and alter them to my liking. To me, all the clothes either looked the same or didn’t match my personal desire. Altering skirts, dresses and so many other clothes became a hobby of mine. For example, to create a distinct look, I removed a button and replaced it with a ribbon to add more uniqueness to it. Being creative with clothes and working in fashion, has always been a dream of mine. At a certain point in my life, an opportunity presented itself and I took full advantage of it. I decided to put all my ideas, my creativity and all my passion to good use.  Every person is unique and has their own personal style. This uniqueness is often expressed with fashion. I wanted to help women to express their inner beauty and uniqueness through their own personal style.I decided to open a clothing shop/botique for ladies, with exclusive clothing.